donna maree

donna maree constructs her images with a profound twist to her subject. Her fine art and conceptual works speak to the viewer with a narrative that encourages their imagination to wonder.

Throughout her work she looks for the juxtaposition within the frame. Her work inhabits disparate worlds of thought. She likes the idea of the artefact, what its potential to imbue and impart.

Her reality and fantasy are a fusion of organic and structural forms that take on the notions of the "other worldly". 


Her work is aesthetically pleasing but more importantly they transcend a visual discourse. Ultimately she wants her work to be emotive and thought-provoking.

- John Lennon


"Reality leaves a lot to the imagination"

  • 2019 (June) - AIPP NSW Epson State Awards - illustrative silver award
  • 2019 (August) - APPA National Awards - illustrative silver award